Information Architecture

We believe in good IA. Hierarchies and taxonomies are central to efficiency and understanding. We share vital roles with you such as restructuring, scaling,  and inventing.  Collaboration is an essential part of developing successful structure.

Creative Design

Creativity is a blessing and a curse. We keep the clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, tightrope walkers, and jugglers so you don’t have to. You never know when you may need a fire breather to follow a dog … Continue reading

Content Planning

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Launching a project is not an ending – it is a beginning. Context matters. Multiple environments and experiences build on a most valuable conversation. This calls for a fundamental change in content past it’s volume and scale. 

Data Visualization

Cave men kicked off  this trend of ‘info graphics’ and we aim to stake our claim. Much like an investigator on a hot trail, your data speaks to us and we take copious notes. Being experts in schematic design and … Continue reading

Interface Design

If it has knobs, we play with them -take that We create simple and inviting user interfaces -occasionally ones that ‘just feel good’. If it helps, you can refer us as ‘Dr. Hugh Window’.


We embrace limitations over self serving rituals. From our long history of navigating creative limitations, knowing ‘what we have’ is not guess work. We are incapable of divesting in a project and its goals.

Strategy & Planning

Making the right decisions isn’t as easy as it seems.  Today, the right plan can be the foundation for funding multiple planned projects, generating ROI, as well as create a road map for a long term vision that will be … Continue reading


Working with light is a most challenging and rewarding experience. We work daily filling our memory, cataloging conditions and are extremely resourceful in collaborating with directors and designers to realize their vision.

User Experience

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We a have knack for finding human behavior and motivation.  Balancing a journey with a destination requires research, ideation, and synthesis.  We put boots on the ground before we put a persona on a post-it. There is nothing unintentional about … Continue reading


Wow… a company that offers Information Architecture and Architectural Design services? That’s right.  HW serves academic, corporate / commercial, healthcare, hospitality, destination development, and residential market sectors.  We are also experimenting with creating physical environments that respond to human interaction … Continue reading