Designing a Museum for the Mind

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The world has seen the Brain Museum in Bangalore and IBM’s Think exhibit in NYC but are they ready for architect Ed Calma’s Mind Museum? My first question was… Who is Ed Calma? Apparently he is the latest and greatest … Continue reading

Mathematics of Mod: Part 2

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The other day, as I was surveying a building in the lower north section of Philadelphia, I stumbled upon a treasure that had been hidden in the basement of a former Jesuit convent for over 50 years: An original George Nelson … Continue reading

Design first, then films.

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I love the fall in Philadelphia for three reasons: frolicking in the many colors of Fairmount’s parks with my dog Collucci Design Philadelphia’s free events on design always manage to inspire me, and The Philadelphia Film Festival gets us ready … Continue reading


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September 23 to October 23, 2011 at Lincoln Center in New York This exhibit takes the casual viewer through three interactive experiences, the first?  A life size, live data wall that is populated by data being captured around the exhibit. … Continue reading

Mathematics of Mod: Part 1

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There is something so beautiful, fascinating, and simplistic about the mathematics of “mod”.  Where better to start a fascination than with American Design in the 1940’s and 50’s?   As a young American architect, I have defined my tastes through a time tested … Continue reading

Streetcar Named “Not So Fast FTA!”

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Wayne Curtis recently wrote an article called “A Desire Named Streetcar; what the oldest operating transit system in the U.S. can teach us about planning for tomorrow.” for Architect Magazine regarding transit-oriented development (or TOD).   This article struck a cord in … Continue reading