UX Research Grant Awarded

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Hw has been asked to join a research and development team working on an interactive planning application. We will be leading a user experience design, data visualization,  and prototyping process. The project plan has been awarded funding and is set … Continue reading

Upcoming Show: Harrisburg

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May 20th, 2011 Harrisburg, PA Amber is taking part in a red cross benefit at J & M Thrift in Harrisburg on May 20th. Her Art will be hanging in the store for the entire month, be sure to check it … Continue reading

Parking Day Philadelphia

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In honor of National PARK(ing) Day on September 19th, HW teamed up with Burt Hill architects to create a “pseudo ecosystem” in two parking spaces in front of the Mellon Bank Garden on Market Street in Philadelphia.  HW also worked … Continue reading

UX Design Featured in .Net

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The pseudo reality site of Custom Media Labs is featured as ‘Site of the Month’ in the latest issue of .Net Magazine. HW lead the research, ideation, and creative process for this award winning user experience in 2007(Manos graciously took … Continue reading

Award Winning UX Design

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When we train our camera on you or your business, a strange thing happens, people notice. Custom Media Labs brought in HW for creative direction and user experience for their most cherished asset, their agency brand site. The results are … Continue reading

HW Opens Studio

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[slideshow id=2]We are happy to announce our latest studio location in the Port Richmond area. We are inspired by the many talented people with whom we share reclaimed space, including an English Bulldog named Peg who roams the halls with … Continue reading