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Educate Yourself About Food in America… NOW.

I recently listened to a TED talk given by Robyn O’Brein, author, mother, and analyst who is doing her part to educate parents, children, and all Americans about how our food supply is different now than it was when we were kids (for me that means as early 1982).  If you are anything like me, you are not into reading the horror novels written about food in America, but are interested in doing the right things to maintain good health. I think at this point most people are aware of the presence of chemicals and engineered proteins in our veggies and processed food.  Not to mention, most people have made the shift to Organic foods.  However, the reality is, the majority of Americans are still consuming veggies that have been growth from seeds containing implanted pesticides (non-heirloom seeds), drinking milk from cows treated with rBGH and antibiotics, and eating meat or fish that have been cloned.  This is a HUGE problem. 

Making the shift to more healthy meals actually started when I got married (surprising – because it usually goes the other way).  My husband and I live in the city of Philadelphia, best known for Cheese steaks, Tastycakes, Pretzels, and witer ice (known in other parts of the country as water ice).   We tend to avoid those temptations for the most part and now shop primarily at Whole Foods and several local shops for our meat, fish, and produce.  I carefully read the descriptions of vegetables and meats, where they came from, whether they are conventional or organic, farm raised, wild caught or free range.  These are our first steps. 

For some of you, the first step will be to start reading those labels at the grocery store and choosing one type of additive to reject, such as aspartame or Yellow Dye Number 5.

For others, you may want to eliminate genetically modified foods from your diet.  And for others, since according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, approximately 80% of all processed foods now contain genetically modified ingredients, you may want to start there and simply eat less processed foods.

Worried about Biotech?  Japan, all 27 countries in the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and other countries all require mandatory labeling of biotech’s proteins (also known as “GMOs” or genetically engineered organisms”) since no long-term human studies were conducted to prove that they were safe.  Want those same labels here in the U.S. so that we can make an informed choice?  Head to the Do One Thing On Line page to learn more.

Concerned about the Overuse of Antibiotics & Drugs in Food Animal Production? There are amazing online resources that can help you navigate the grocery store in your efforts to avoid meat and dairy products full of antibiotics and other drugs now used in animal food production.

Check our Robyn OBrein’s site.  Do it for the children.