INNOVATION 2011 Conference | Crossing Borders & Disciplines

First, let me say that I really want to go to this conference.  I have asked the “big boss” if they will be willing to do one of the following things:

  1. Pay for the conference admission
  2. Pay for me to get to NYC, from PHL, by train
  3. Allow me to take the day off and not have to take a vacation or sick day.

The jury is still out on all fronts, so chances are it’s a “NO. It’s not in the budget this year.”

And so is the problem.  Innovation never seems to be in the budget anymore.  Time for collaboration across disciplines and companies is never really considered as much as the bottom line.

Enough of my ranting.  The point is I am excited that a conference like this has emerged and is related to the architectural profession.  The conferences website describes the event as follows:

“Through collaboration, successful architects are adapting their creative ideas and technical know-how to different cultures, climates, and disciplines. In addition, their research into the social, psychological, and biological sciences are helping them solve evolving programmatic needs.

This year’s Innovation Conference brings together design professionals who will demonstrate through specific case studies how they have effectively crossed boundaries and disciplines to increase their impact on the built environment.”

Maybe next year I will submit some ideas and give a little talk (many of you have heard it before) about how the marriage of architecture, multi-media, and interactive design could be a financially and creatively beneficial relationship.   Until then, I will be juggling my finances to try to figure out how I am going to get to NYC by November.