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Master Planning… Meet Digital Publishing…


Let’s ditch the 8.5 x 11 and 11×17 books for iPad’s and make the master plan useful again, shall we?

As the costs of printing one way or the other have gone down, the amount of pages needed to show the data rich plans for universities has grown immensely.  In fact, due to some states policies, multiple volumes must be issued as they are so large.  What if you could pinch-and-zoom your way around a campus map, listen to the president of a university state the mission and goals of the plan, and view data visualizations instead of spreadsheets?  I imagine if we could digest the results of comprehensive plans in this way, that large volume on the coffee table or bookshelf will get even dustier.

The challenge is getting universities and other clients to buy into the iPad platform.  Yes it looks cool, yes they grab it out of your hands and pass it around after meetings, but it seems so much more expensive….

The truth is, after a prototype is developed, its actually less expensive than printing and adopts all of the same processes and software in which traditional plans are made of.  The key monetary difference is the addition and use of video and interactive designers doing 3-5 data visualizations.  But why not add them to the list of consultants along with the cost estimator, civil engineer, and final printing outfit (or replace the printing outfit all together)?

Just remember you heard it here first.