UX Research Grant Awarded

Hw has been asked to join a research and development team working on an interactive planning application. We will be leading a user experience design, data visualization,  and prototyping process. The project plan has been awarded funding and is set to kick off this month. We are very excited about this opportunity!

Parking Day Philadelphia

Parking Day Cover (click for full article)

In honor of National PARK(ing) Day on September 19th, HW teamed up with Burt Hill architects to create a “pseudo ecosystem” in two parking spaces in front of the Mellon Bank Garden on Market Street in Philadelphia.  HW also worked with the national effort, promoting the events maiden voyage in the City of Brotherly Love, creating promotional videos, and setting up its website.

UX Design Featured in .Net

Thank you, your welcome.The pseudo reality site of Custom Media Labs is featured as ‘Site of the Month’ in the latest issue of .Net Magazine. HW lead the research, ideation, and creative process for this award winning user experience in 2007(Manos graciously took the glory) .  There are rumblings over our inspiration as major players launch similar user experiences.
“Experiential Video’  is sure to become a favorite brush in satiating voyeuristic users .

Upcoming Show:
The Color of a Legacy.

June 9, 09′ , 444 north 4th street, Philadelphia, PA

This exhibition is part of a larger effort to try to recover, preserve, and tell the story of one mans photography and other works.  We are taking donations in the gallery, also all proceeds from the sale of art and photography will go to recovery and preservation of the original photography and works of Henry Luther, a renaissance man of his time, whose photos were sold upon his death and never recovered by the family. View the photos here.

Award Winning UX Design

When we train our camera on you or your business, a strange thing happens, people notice. Custom Media Labs brought in HW for creative direction and user experience for their most cherished asset, their agency brand site. The results are in; their decision is now ‘Golden’ & so is their ‘Home Page’ – -so says W3 Awards.

HW Opens Studio

[slideshow id=2]We are happy to announce our latest studio location in the Port Richmond area. We are inspired by the many talented people with whom we share reclaimed space, including an English Bulldog named Peg who roams the halls with a stinky orange toy. (Even the parking lot is interesting).